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TheChat: Mayor Sly James cheers new baseball complex


Good morning.

▪ “Mayors across the country cross their fingers in hopes that a project of this magnitude will take shape in their cities.” — Kansas City Mayor Sly James talking about the MLB Urban Youth Academy to be built in the 18th & Vine neighborhood.

James announced Monday that the project received $4 million in tax credits from the Missouri Development Finance Board that will be used for the second phase of the $14 million project. The development includes four new state-of-the-art diamonds and an indoor training facility.

▪ “A dark episode in the history of this state and law enforcement.” — Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder on the 2014 drowning of 20-year-old Brandon Ellingson, who was handcuffed and in the custody of Highway Patrol Trooper Trooper Anthony Piercy.

Kinder, a Republican and a candidate for governor next year, said the incident raises questions about the 2011 merger of the Highway and Water Patrols, which Kinder said he had opposed. (link via

▪ “Some weeks we’ll operate more on gunshot wounds than we will for simple things like appendicitis.” — Dr. Pamela Choi, a surgery resident at Washington University, on the number of children treated for gunshot wounds in the St. Louis area.

Choi said the issue comes down to the number of guns in the St. Louis area. In 2007, Missouri lawmakers repealed a law requiring a permit to purchase handguns.

▪ “Initially it was supposed to be a one-stop shop.” — Kansas state Sen. Laura Kelly, a Topeka Democrat, on a new computer system that was supposed to make it easier for residents to apply for Medicaid and other social services.

But the system is more that two years late coming on line and at least $46 million over budget. The idea was that residents would be able to fill out a single application for an array of social services. Instead, Kelly worries that the system will be obsolete before mid-2016 when it’s supposed to be fully functional.