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TheChat: Bill O’Reilly says Donald Trump shouldn’t be so sensitive

Good morning.

▪ “You are too thin-skinned.” — Bill O'Reilly of Fox News to Donald Trump during an interview.

Trump objected, saying, “I don't mind bad things about me if it's true, I can handle that. But when people say untrue things, I don't like it.”

▪  “The Republican Party has made a mistake by throwing him so far under the bus early on.” — Missouri Congressman Billy Long of Springfield on Trump.

Long, a Republican, has not endorsed any GOP presidential candidate. But he had nice things to say about Trump. The real estate mogul would get voters off the couch and into the voting booth, Long said. And that would be a change from the 2008 and 2012 elections. (link via

▪  “Our country is turning away from God.” — Missouri author David Limbaugh, brother of Rush, speaking about his new book, The Emmaus Code: Finding Jesus in the Old Testament.

Limbaugh said he sees no conflict between his passions for the Bible and politics. “I don't think that praying and trusting God is inconsistent with our obligation to actively engage in the culture as Christians, as long as we advocate biblical values or what we think are biblical values,” he said.

▪ “They’re trying to get rid of a bunch of good state representatives over one issue — labor. Is it worth it to the people to get rid of all the good that we do?” — Missouri state Rep. Ron Hicks, a St. Peters Republican, on a new ad campaign that’s attacking Republicans who opposed right-to-work in the 2015 session.

Most Republicans favored the anti-union legislation, but Hicks was not one of them. The Committee for Accountable Government financed by conservative Republican David Humphreys is targeting the 20 rogue Republicans on TV, radio, billboards and online. Hicks and others said they were voting on behalf of their constituents.