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Gov. Jay Nixon touts higher graduation rates that place MO in top 10 nationally


Come across the words “education” and “Missouri” and you may think about unaccredited districts and funding issues.

So Gov. Jay Nixon’s announcement Tuesday that Missouri’s four-year high school graduation rate had increased to 87.3 percent in 2013-14 was a spot of good news. The rate was up from 85.7 percent in 2012-13 and placed Missouri in the nation’s top 10.

The national average was 82.3 percent.

That national average, by the way, hit a new record high, according to Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

Nixon said the Missouri rate topped the national average across all racial and ethnic groups, including students with disabilities.

Furthermore, from the 2010-11 year to the 2013-14 year, the Missouri rate jumped 6 percentage points.

“These rising graduation rates reflect the solid progress that students are making all across our state,” Nixon said in a statement. “More students graduating from high school means greater economic opportunities for them, and a more competitive workforce for our state.”

Nixon said his administration maintained its support for education funding even during the height of the recession.