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Missouri lawmakers begin filing bills for 2016

The Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City.
The Missouri Capitol in Jefferson City.

A Republican lawmaker wants to loosen Missouri’s firearm conceal carry laws, while a Democrat wants to enact the same restrictions for gun purchases as women face when they seek an abortion.

A Democratic senator is pushing to ban discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender Missourians. His Republican colleague wants to outlaw unisex bathrooms in public schools.

One of the 230 bills filed so far in the Missouri Senate would mandate that the school year begin in September. One of the 280 bills filed in the Missouri House would cut funding for any public school that holds classes during the Missouri State Fair.

Missouri lawmakers began filing bills this week for the upcoming 2016 legislative session, and the 192 members of the General Assembly (there are currently two vacant seats in the Senate and three in the House) wasted no time getting in on the action.

Ethics reform, transportation, labor policy, abortion and other high-profile topics are sure to dominate debate. But there will be no shortage of other issues for the five-month session that starts Jan. 6 at noon.

A full list of bills filed in the Senate is available here.

A full list of bills filed in the House is available here.