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Claire McCaskill calls for more gun control


In the wake of the latest mass shooting in California, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill wants to broaden background checks for gun sales and ensure that suspected terrorists can’t legally buy guns and explosives.

“Why on earth would we let a suspected terrorist legally buy an assault weapon? An overwhelming majority of Americans—Republicans and Democrats—want these loopholes closed, because they know that will mean better protection for their communities from gun violence, and better protection for our country from terrorist attack,” McCaskill said in a statement Thursday.

Current law allows guns, including high-capacity guns and assault weapons, to be sold over the internet and at gun shows without background checks. But stores are required to perform background checks on nearly all sales.

Federal law also prohibits nine categories of individuals from purchasing firearms — but those categories do not include suspected terrorists, McCaskill’s office said. This loophole allows suspected terrorist to swiftly pass a background check and obtain a dangerous weapon. The Washington Post reports that between 2004 and 2014, more than 2,000 terror suspects legally bought guns in the U.S.