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TheChat: Roy Blunt insists the nation shouldn’t accept refugees


Happy post-Turkey Day.

▪ “The disruption in Syria doesn’t even make it possible to vet people the way you’d normally vet people.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, on accepting refugees from Syria.

Blunt said taking in the refugees is a mistake until the Islamic State is contained. The true identities of the refugees can’t be confirmed under the circumstances, he said.

▪ “These serial tantrums are a direct result of our Everybody Gets a Trophy culture and an educational system that, for the most part, no longer teaches a core curriculum, including history, government and the Bill of Rights. They simply don’t know any better.” — syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker writing about student protesters at MU and elsewhere.

Serial tantrums? You mean all that frustration that’s welling up these days over racist behavior these students are forced to endure year after year? Surely Parker wasn’t serious. Alas, you know she was.

▪ “People say that legal abortion is the law of the land, but when I ask which law was passed, they can’t cite one, and the reason is there was not. There was no law passed.” — Missouri state Rep. Mike Moon, an Ash Grove Republican, on a bill he plans to introduce that he says will outlaw abortion in the state.

His idea is to repeal a section of statute that recognizes life as beginning at conception. Such a move could make abortion a top-burner issue in 2016, an election year. (link via

▪ “Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose.” — President Lyndon Johnson speaking to the nation on Thanksgiving night 1963 just days after the assassination of John Kennedy.

The key to Johnson’s success was channeling the nation’s grief over Kennedy’s death to inspire a new round of domestic legislation. That wound up laying the foundation for his “Great Society.”