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Peter Kinder is growing impatient with Eric Holder’s Ferguson investigation


Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is tired of waiting on Attorney General Eric Holder to wrap up his federal civil rights investigation into the death of Michael Brown.

In a letter released on Thursday, Kinder noted that the probe had lasted more than four months and that more than 40 FBI agents reportedly have worked on the case.

“I respectfully request that you release to the public the findings of fact from your federal investigation into whether a civil rights violation occurred,” Kinder wrote.

“I ask this not knowing what those findings are,” Kinder wrote. “However, I believe all Missourians, indeed all Americans, have a right to know those facts, whatever they may be.”

Kinder said Ferguson Mayor James Knowles joined him in making the request.

Last month, Holder said in a statement that the department’s investigation will continue to be thorough, and the agency will resist “forming premature conclusions.”

Civil rights probes typically take months to complete.

The investigation “will be conducted rigorously and in a timely manner so we can move forward as expeditiously as we can to restore trust, to rebuild understanding and to foster cooperation between law enforcement and community members,” Holder said.

The investigation will explore whether the Ferguson police department had engaged in racial profiling and how the St. Louis County Police Department handled mass demonstrations that turned violent following the shooting.