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TheChat: General Assembly plans hearing on Syrian refugees

Richardson AP

Happy Thanksgiving week.

▪ “Our governor has yet to fully articulate a plan or take a stand on this issue that has generated immense concern from the people of Missouri. Our sympathies go out to those who have been impacted by the strife in Syria, but we must place the safety and well-being of Missourians as our top priority.” — Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson, a Republican. on plans for a special hearing Nov. 30 on how the state can help Syrian refugees and protect state residents at the same time.

The House Budget Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee will hold the hearing on an issue that has no business becoming political. Nixon is a Democrat.

▪ “I believe the eyes of the nation are on Missouri next year.” — Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, a Republican, on expectations that anti-union right-to-work legislation will be debated again in the General Assembly.

Conservatives continue to view Missouri as a key target situated as it is in the heartland. Exactly half the states have right-to-work. Republicans want to make it #26. Kinder is a Republican candidate for governor.

▪ “I know I’m black. I’m unapologetically black, and the problem is I have to choose to be black or be educated: I can’t be both.” — Teah Hairston, an MU graduate student, talking about what it’s like to be African American on the Columbia campus.

Hairston told the Board of Curators that one big issue is the lack of black students. The black voice, she said, is missing from classes.

▪ “It’s a very real possibility because people are really tired of professional politicians who, you know, won’t call it like they see it and maybe don’t have life experiences that allow them to prove a track record of success.” — Sarah Palin talking about the possibility of Donald Trump as president.

The race may well come down to Trump and Ted Cruz, she said.