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Blunt campaign begins email to supporters with reference to Paris, raising some eyebrows

A few political tongues are wagging today about an apparent message from Sen. Roy Blunt’s re-election campaign.

The email starts with a reference to the terror attacks in Paris.

“The tragic terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday were a stark and horrifying reminder that threats come from more directions than ever before. President Obama’s No. 1 priority must be protecting the homeland, and he must offer a clear, comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS and keep Americans safe,” it says.

The communication does not specifically ask for a donation. But it ends with this: “What will it take for this administration to recognize their recklessness? Help me tell them enough is enough; we want action to protect this nation from ISIS.” It then contains a large “DONATE” box.

Some Missouri politicians think the Blunt campaign is fundraising off of the terror attacks, which has landed other candidates in trouble.

To be clear, though, the Blunt campaign letter never specifically asks for a donation.