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TheChat: Paul Ryan insists terrorism will not win


Think of Paris today.

▪ “There is one thing we already know. Terror will not prevail. We will.” — House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Right on.

▪ “Somewhere in this we got into impugning people's character and motives if we didn't like their ideas. We got to get back to just debating ideas and not impugning people's motives and character.” — Ryan on “60 Minutes” Sunday night.

So far, Ryan is saying and doing all the right things. A strong start.

▪ “It is kind of a head-scratcher.” — Missouri House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Flanigan, a Carthage Republican, on the University of Missouri’s decision to hire lobbyist Andy Blunt to a $10,000 a month contract.

The university thinks it needs a lobbyist boost in the wake of a series of controversies over race and Planned Parenthood. Flanigan, though, said the move suggests a need to take a close look at the UM System budget. Hiring more lobbyists may not be the signal the system wants to be sending right now, he said.

▪ "It's not secure. It sits next to a river. A railroad runs through it. It's a small base. It's next to an urban area.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback explaining why the Disciplinary Barracks and adjacent Midwest Joint Regional Corrections Facility at Fort Leavenworth is a bad place to relocate Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

The Defense Department is also looking at sites in South Carolina and Colorado. Brownback called the Leavenworth sites “completely inappropriate.” A decision from the administration is expected soon. If Kansas is picked, expect lawsuits to fly. the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, expect opposition to the closing of Gitmo to increase dramatically.

▪ “Jeb has been body-snatched.” — Sid Dinerstein, former chair of the Palm Beach County Republican Party and an active supporter of Bush’s gubernatorial bids, on Bush’s declining support in his home state of Florida.

Bush is running fourth in several polls there, trailing his one-time protege Marco Rubio.