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TheChat: Claire McCaskill urges men to quit talking so much


Good morning.

▪ “Shut the hell up.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill on “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” offering her opinion on all the topics that men should “shut the hell up” about.

Said the Democratic senator to the men of the world: “The world doesn’t need your opinion on everything.” Among the topics she listed: Star Wars. Pants suits. Selfies. Shonda Rhimes. Curtains. Carbs. Millenials. Body hair removal. Religion. Gluten. Harry Potter. Nut allergies. Star Wars again. All art in general. Whether or not to brine the Thanksgiving turkey. And ethics in gaming journalism.

▪ “He doesn’t have the authority to do it. It’s just that clear.” — House Speaker Paul Ryan saying President Barack Obama can’t legally transfer prisoners from Gitmo to stateside locations such as the Leavenworth prison.

Besides, Ryan said, Congress passed laws prohibiting Obama from making such a transfer by veto-proof margins.

▪ “From this experience I have learned about humanity and humility.” — MU assistant communications professor Melissa Click apologizing for threatening reporters covering the MU unrest this week.

One member of Concerned Student 1950, the group that spearheaded the protests, said a lot of people learned lessons from the treatment of journalists this week. “A learning experience for everyone involved,” he said. (link via

▪ "It's still too early, in my opinion, to endorse a candidate or pick a candidate.” — Al Gore refusing to endorse Hillary Clinton, at least for now.

Too much can change in the next year, Gore said, adding he’s going to wait awhile before weighing in. In the past, he’s called Clinton “extremely capable.”