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Catherine Hanaway, who balked at five to eight debates, now wants nine


Missouri Republican gubernatorial candidate Catherine Hanaway is out with a statement Tuesday morning proposing a series of nine debates around the state with her four rivals for the GOP nomination.

“Hanaway Challenges Primary Opponents To Nine Debates,” reads the headline on her media release.

But a report this weekend from St. Louis Public Radio indicated that Hanaway had broken up a plan for eight debates that Missouri GOP chair John Hancock had proposed. The number of debates under the Hancock plan could have been as few as five.

The story, from Jo Mannies, said the other four GOP candidates had agreed to Hancock’s proposal.

Hanaway, though, had held out for more debates while generally supporting Hancock’s plan.

But the plan from the state party only would have gone into effect had all five candidates signed off. That didn’t happen.

Nonetheless, Hanaway was out Tuesday with her own plan for nine, 90-minute forums around the state.

"Missouri voters in all corners of the state deserve the opportunity to see and hear where each candidate stands on the issues," said Hanaway in the statement. “I am calling on my opponents to agree to this debate framework to ensure all Missouri voters will be well-informed about each candidate.”