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Chris Koster returns $10,000 AT&T check, then picks up another one


Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has accepted a $10,000 campaign donation from telecommunications giant AT&T, the National Journal is reporting.

This comes after Koster’s decision to return a $10,000 check from AT&T earlier this year.

Koster’s campaign rejected the check as part of his new conflict-of-interest policy that stops him from accepting donations from companies he’s investigating.

But that self-imposed standard carries a three-month time limit. The latest $10,000 donation came after that time limit expired.

A spokesman for Koster told the NJ this:

“The policy has always been very clear since it was first implemented at this point nearly a year ago, that there is a 90-day window after a case has been settled before an individual or a company with litigation before the office can make a contribution.

“For individuals to question what is without question the most comprehensive policy in America is just partisan hackery at its worst.”