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John Kasich picks up steam in Missouri


One of the dark horses of the 2016 race for the GOP presidential nomination, Ohio Gov. John Kasich, announced a batch of endorsements from prominent Missouri Republicans on Friday that included a Kansas City state senator.

Ryan Silvey, a Kansas City Republican who represents a state Senate district north of the Missouri River, joined former Congressman Kenny Hulshof and former state GOP chair David Cole as co-chairs of Kasich’s Missouri’s team.

A former House Budget Committee chairman, Silvey said he appreciated Kasich’s work on reining in federal spending and his efforts to turn an $8 billion budget deficit in Ohio into a $2 billion surplus while cutting taxes.

“As our nation drowns in more than $18 trillion in debt, America needs John Kasich in the White House,” Silvey said in a statement.

Hulshof, who represented Missouri’s 9th Congressional District for 12 years, said he saw first-hand Kasich’s ability “to get things done.”

“Thanks in no small part to his leadership and relentless drive, we passed the first balanced budget in a generation and cut taxes on risk -taking and investment, which helped to unleash the American economy to grow and create jobs,” Hulshof said.

Others signing up with Kasich included Matt Roney, former aide to U.S. Senator Kit Bond; Aaron Willard, former executive director of the Missouri House Republican Campaign Committee; former Congressman Tom Coleman; sports restaurant owner Jim Chappell; and former state Sen. Emory Melton.