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TheChat: Roy Blunt blames Obamacare for Medicare price spike


Good morning.

▪ “It’s going up generally a lot because of the President’s healthcare plan.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, placing the blame for big increases in Medicare Part B premiums squarely on the shoulders of the Affordable Care Act.

Those increases could top 50 percent. Blunt hasn’t offered a fix. About 30 percent of the roughly 52 million people enrolled in Medicare could be affected by the Part B increase, which covers doctors’ charges and outpatient care bills. (link via

▪ If we as politicians do not quit trying to destroy one another, and I’m talking about Republicans and conservatives right now in the primary elections, we will never win a general election.” — Missouri state Sen. Mike Parson speaking to the Boone County Republican Central Committee.

Astute words of caution from Parson, a candidate for lieutenant governor. With primaries for many statewide offices, Republicans will have to tread carefully next summer in the weeks before the August primary. The November general election comes fast on the primary’s heels.

▪ “No action has been taken on this matter.” — Missouri House Democrat Leader Jake Hummel in a letter to House Speaker Todd Richardson on the need for a new intern policy for the state Capitol.

Hummel’s letter follows a session that involved a couple of high-profile stories of intern abuse. His point is that the House still hasn’t adopted a new policy months after the session ended. Richardson said a new policy is in its “final stages” of preparation.

▪ “There’s not one single country anywhere — first world, second world, it doesn’t matter — that doesn’t have official requirements for voting.” — GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson dismissing the idea that voter ID requirements in Kansas championed by Secretary of State Kris Kobach are racist.

In an interview with the Topeka Capital-Journal, Carson said this: “Are all the other countries of the world racist? I don’t think so. Voting is an important thing.”