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TheChat: Peter Kinder rips Gov. Jay Nixon’s decision to cut spending


Let’s do this.

▪ “These $46 million in withholdings are unnecessary, given that the state has seven times that amount in a budget surplus.” — Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder on Gov. Jay Nixon’s decision to cut nearly $50 million in spending.

Nixon, a Democrat, made the move after a court ruling that said tobacco companies don’t have to pay Missouri $50 million this year. Kinder, a Republican, is a candidate for governor next year. Some Democrats rallied to Nixon’s side, saying he did what he had to do. (link via

▪ “I was a little bit alarmed over how much people knew about our constitution.” — presidential candidate Ben Carson on why he wrote his book, A More Perfect Union.

Carson, who’s running second in the polls to Donald Trump, will appear in Springfield on Thursday.

▪ “It is clear that this administration intends to raise taxes on citizens in order to cover their lack of management skills in the next session.” — Steve Anderson, who served as Gov. Sam Brownback’s budget director from 2011 to 2013, on his disappointment with the administration.

Anderson’s chief beef: Brownback and his team needed to cut spending more to avoid big tax increases. Said Anderson: “Donald Trump is right, although slightly over the top, when he says ‘stupid people’ are running government. Inexperienced and uncommitted individuals were running government in Kansas.”

▪ “No one ever doubted that when Fritz spoke, he spoke for you. President Obama empowered me the same way.” — Vice President Joe Biden speaking to former President Jimmy Carter about his relationship with his VP, Walter Mondale.

Biden said the Carter-Mondale team set a new standard for presidential ties to their vice presidents, and it’s one that he and President Barack Obama tried to follow.