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TheChat: Claire McCaskill is dreaming of a Trump-Carson ticket


Good morning.

▪  “Dancing a jig in St. Louis, Missouri.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill on what her reaction would be if Republicans nominate a presidential ticket of Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

McCaskill knows as well as anyone how Democrats can soar against conservative Republicans. Case in point: 2012 and Missouri GOP Senate nominee Todd Akin. (link courtesy of

▪ “We believe there’s a culture down there that’s not conducive to good government that doesn’t always represent the citizens.” — Ryan Johnson, president of the anti-tax Missouri Alliance for Freedom, on life inside the state Capitol.

Johnson said the group is backing a major ethics initiative that involves asking lawmakers of both parties to sign pledges promising, among other things, that they won’t accept gifts from lobbyists and will wait two years after leaving office to become lobbyists.

▪ “Remarkable.” — Chelsea Clinton forecasting how her mother will perform Thursday when she testifies on Benghazi before a House committee.

Chelsea Clinton says she talks to her mother mainly about her daughter and family — not presidential politics.

▪ “It ain’t going to be easy.” — Democratic consultant Joe Trippi on the possible presidential bid of Joe Biden.

But Trippi said if anyone can “climb that mountain” it’s Biden. Challenge one for the vice president would be money. Clinton and Bernie Sanders have raised tens of millions. Biden would be starting from scratch.