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Missouri state rep to fight pay raise proposal

You knew this was coming.

A St. Charles Republican lawmaker said Thursday he would do “everything in my power” to halt a set of pay raises that total 8 percent in each of the next two years for most statewide officials and 11 percent for lawmakers from their current pay of $35,915 a year.

State Rep. Mark Parkinson acknowledged that he doesn’t have very much power to do anything to this idea because it takes a two-thirds vote from the General Assembly to reject it.

The recommendations came form the Citizens’ Commission on Compensation for Elected Officials. The state constitution requires the commission to meet every two years to decide whether to increase pay. Their recommendations take place automatically unless the General Assembly rejects them.

One or more lawmakers almost always raises an issue with the proposal, and Parkinson’s statement Thursday was the first we came across.

Parkinson said he would file a concurrent resolution to stop them.

“My constituents didn’t send me to Jefferson City because they felt I needed a comfortable living, nicer clothes, or a bigger house,” he said.

“They sent me to Jefferson City because I promised to make the same responsible choices with our state budget that I would make with my own household budget. Our state has a number of priorities that need to be funded every year. Finding over $1.3 million dollars so that we can give pay raises to our statewide elected officials and our legislators is not one of those priorities.”