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Blunt campaign claims fundraising edge in Missouri Senate race

Sen. Roy Blunt
Sen. Roy Blunt

Fundraising and spending reports for the third quarter of 2015 are due Thursday, but campaigns are already releasing information about their efforts this summer.

In the Missouri U.S. Senate race, Jason Kander’s campaign has already claimed an $825,000 quarter with $1.6 million on hand. Wednesday, Sen. Roy Blunt’s campaign said it raised more than $1.2 million in the quarter, besting Kander by about 50 percent.

Blunt’s campaign claims almost $4.4 million in the bank.

Their quotes, in news releases:

Blunt: “Missourians understand what is at stake one year from now, and the Blunt Brigade has stepped up in a major way, supporting Senator Blunt and his efforts to rein in an out-of-control federal government. Roy Blunt works harder than anyone else for Missourians every day, and we are gratified that so many new people have joined our team to support his efforts,” said campaign manager Andy Blunt.

Kander: “We’re gaining momentum every day because Missourians are tired of politicians in Washington forgetting about the folks back home,” said Abe Rakov, Kander’s campaign manager. “More and more Missourians are getting behind Jason’s campaign every quarter because they want to be represented by a veteran of the War in Afghanistan who has served Missouri rather than a career politician who has moved to Washington.”