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TheChat: Missouri Speaker Todd Richardson stands up for Marco Rubio


Let’s do this.

▪ “Marco’s plan for a New American Century is built around ideas for tomorrow, instead of the same policies of yesterday.” — Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson explaining why he’s endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio for president.

Richardson, 38, and Rubio, 44, hail from the same generation. Richardson will head Rubio’s Missouri campaign. Corralling Richardson is a coup for Rubio. (link courtesy of

▪ “We're also going to want leadership that is going to speak on our behalf, to go out there and get much more aggressive when it comes to the media and talk about what it is that we’re doing.” — Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner on what she wants to see in a new House speaker.

One complaint about outgoing Speaker John Boehner is that he didn’t fight the fight aggressively enough.\

▪ “This is a momentous time. It’s a historic time. I don’t know of a time in the last century that the speaker has not left after either losing the majority or scandal or health problems. He didn’t have 218 (votes) to keep the job, so he just showed himself out, I think.” — Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp reflecting on Boehner’s departure.

Huelskamp and Boehner feuded famously. A conservative, Huelskamp said he hasn’t picked a candidate yet to succeed Boehner.

▪ “If you don’t win, what have I done? I’ve wasted time. I want to make America great again and you can’t do that if you come in a close second.” — Donald Trump talking about the 2016 race.

Trump’s campaign is evolving toward a somewhat more traditional effort. His wife and daughter, for example, will be making appearance highlighting women’s health to help Trump attract more female voters.

▪ “Joe, run.” — the final phrase in a new national TV ad sponsored by Draft Biden, a super political action committee formed to convince Vice President Joe Biden to run for the presidency.

The 90-second ad features Biden talking about the “incredible bond” he has with his children.