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TheChat: Joe Biden is getting close to making his big decision


Good morning.

▪ “Nothing he has heard in the past couple of months has deterred him.” — one Democratic close to Vice President Joe Biden’s decision process for running for president.

Politico reports that Biden will make a decision this weekend, or shortly thereafter, on whether he’ll run for the White House. The latest thinking from inside his camp? He’s jumping in.

▪ “We have a choice between a political chameleon and a proven conservative.” — Republican John Brunner kicking off his campaign for Missouri governor Monday.

It wasn’t clear exactly who Brunner was referring to: Democrat Chris Koster, who once service in the state Senate as a Republican, or fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens, who flirted with a Democratic run for Congress a few years ago.

▪ “These things tend to shake out as the inexperience and novelty of candidates like Trump wear off, and it tends to be people with experience who know how to use that experience to win even in circumstances that are unprecedented.” — University of Missouri-St. Louis political scientist David Robertson suggesting that candidates with no political experience face tall hurdles in winning high office.

Brunner isn’t the only Republican running for governor who’s never held public office. The other is former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens. Campaigning is tough work, and kicking out fresh policy ideas is tougher than it sounds, experts say. (link courtesy of

▪ “We can’t wait any longer to act on gun violence prevention.” — Hillary Clinton on Twitter talking about the need for more control on the sale of firearms at gun shows.

She said she’d go around Congress if needed and sign an executive order to get this done.