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Claire McCaskill still driving on campus sexual assaults


Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill on Wednesday asked a question, but she already knew the answer.

This is what she said at a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing attended by top education officials.

“When the Department of Education determines that a school has grossly mismanaged their safety responsibility on their campus, under the current law, the only penalty available to the Department of Education is to take away their Title IV funding… I know the answer to this question, but I’m going to ask it rhetorically anyway:

“Has that ever happened?” said McCaskill.

“…and of course it hasn’t. This is like me saying to my kids, I’m never going to speak to you… no college or university in the world believes you’re going to penalize all the innocent students on that campus by removing their ability to get student loans. So isn’t that a meaningless penalty?”

The Democrat continues to push the bipartisan Campus Accountability and Safety Act, which, as the title suggests, is designed to bring down the number of sexual assaults on campuses nationwide.

McCaskill also questioned why 40 percent of colleges and universities around the country reported that they hadn’t conducted a single sexual assault investigation in five years.

“Do you believe...that that is an accurate reflection of whether or not there is any sexual assault going on on those campuses?” she asked one official.