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TheChat: State lawmaker wants more leadership for Missouri Democrats


Here we go.

▪ “I’m not sure there’s any cooks in our kitchen right now.” — Missouri state Rep. Jeremy LaFaver, a Kansas City Democrat, on his frustrations with leadership of the state Democratic Party.

The party has been down since 2008, LaFaver said. He expects Democrat Chris Koster to be Missouri’s next governor, and that will improve the focus and direction of the party.

▪ “I believe we should be able to ask of every agency of government and every line item in the budget a very simple question: What is your mission? What results did you produce for the money that you've spent?” — Republican gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens on how he’ll push for more accountability from state government. (link via

Just guessing here: But The Buzz thinks those questions are getting asked now.

▪ “They just looked at some representative documents from a very narrow window, a very narrow time frame, and didn’t actually talk to any witnesses.” — Missouri state Sen. Kurt Schaefer, a Columbia Republican and chair of a committee examining allegations that Planned Parenthood illegally profited from the sale of fetal tissue.

Schaefer said the investigation would continue despite Attorney General Chris Koster’s finding that Planned Parenthood broke no laws.

▪ “I think today there’s not enough open minds. What I’d like to see is people change a little bit. Start making up their own mind. What I see today is people saying, ‘I'm not going to vote for it.’ Sort of like Washington.” — former Kansas state Sen. Robert Storey, a Topeka Republican, comparing the Legislature of 30 years ago with the Legislature of today.

Storey was taking part in an oral history archive of Republican and Democratic legislative leaders.