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TheChat: The GOP may be missing out on an incredible opportunity


Good morning.

▪ “Much of the rhetoric coming from GOP presidential contenders and their backers often sounds as if it were being said before the passage of women’s suffrage, the Voting Rights Act and the advent of the 21st Century.” — veteran political analyst Charlie Cook on the Republican field.

Cook’s point: The GOP via the rhetoric of its presidential field continues to suffer “brand damage” that threatens its ability to take advantage of Hillary Clinton’s email problems. The nomination race, at least so far, has been a nightmare for the party, Cook said.

▪ “Buck O'Neil cared deeply about all of these issues and he would be proud of what we are doing here today.” — Kansas City Mayor Sly James on all the plans for new baseball diamonds and other improvements at Parade Park in the 18th & Vine neighborhood.

He’s right: Buck would be excited about this new chapter for the Jazz District. The partnership — that brings together Major League Baseball, the Royals and the city — has potential for all kinds of good things.

▪ ‘We have a political class of corrupt consultants, well-paid lobbyists, and career politicians who have been in Jefferson City for decades. They have produced nothing for us by embarrassment and failure.” — Republican Eric Greitens kicking off his campaign for governor. (link via

Greitens said the state needs a political outsider like himself to move the state forward.

▪ “It appears likely the House will put some limits on activities in the Lounge and will require a House or Capitol staff member to be present for all of those events just to make sure that someone else doesn’t pull a stunt like that one.” — the Missourinet’s Bob Priddy writing about an incident earlier this month in which two people wrote on business cards atop a Thomas Hart Benton painting.

Priddy says people who viewed the painting since then report no damage. But there may be long-term consequences through new rules for use of the room. That means less access to a wonderful piece of art.