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TheChat: Former Speaker Tim Jones predicts trouble ahead for right-to-work foes


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▪ “There’s going to be a tidal wave of conservatism against them.” — former Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones, chairman of the Missouri Club for Growth, warning that those Republican lawmakers who opposed right-to-work in last week’s veto session may face re-election challenges next year.

Jones, a Republican, said the 20 GOP lawmakers who voted against right-to-work are on “the wrong side of history.”

▪ “No matter what part of society we look at, the economy, government or schools, we are more successful when women are given the opportunity to succeed.” — Jill Biden, wife of the vice president, in an address in Clayton, Mo.

Biden opted not to talk politics, including her huband’s interest in a possible 2016 run for the presidency. In fact, she took no questions following her 15-minute address. (link courtesy of

▪ “These people are displaying behavior that one might expect from an ignorant third-grader.” — former Missourinet reporter and editor Bob Priddy speaking about the photograph of two people writing on business cards atop a Thomas Hart Benton painting in the Statehouse.

Priddy has written two books about the art of the Capitol, including “Only the Rivers Are Peaceful: Thomas Hart Benton's Missouri Mural.” He added that the two, including the vice chair of the Missouri Republican Party, may have placed themselves in legal jeopardy. Wrote Priddy, “No other state capitol can match the quantity and the quality of art that we find in Missouri’s Capitol.”

▪ “Industries and areas dependent on agriculture and energy are experiencing cuts.” — Ernie Goss, an economist at Creighton University, offering a lukewarm forecast for the Kansas economy the next few months.

The Mid-American Business Conditions forecast a stagnate or a slightly contracting economy in a nine-state region, including Kansas.