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Curse of the mid-term election appears ready to strike Democrats

It’s a big week in politics, folks.

“A 70 percent chance of gaining a majority.” — The New York Times forecasting the liklihood of the GOP regaining the Senate majority following Tuesday’s mid-term elections.

Most prognosticators are heading the GOP’s way when it comes to Senate control in 2015.

“Joni Ernst would mean — coming to the United States Senate — that Mitch McConnell would be leader of the United States Senate, who agrees with her on everything. Think of what that would mean for our country.” — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid predicting that the Senate will swing Republican if GOPer Ernst wins the Iowa Senate race.

And guess what, Mr. Reid? A poll out Saturday night from the Des Moines Register showed Ernst with a 7-point lead over Democrat Bruce Braley. Reid made his remarks prior to the poll’s release.

“No senator under 45 percent...heading into Elex Day has ever been re-elected.” — a tweet from Brad Dayspring, communications director at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, in a jab directed at Democrat Kay Hagan in the North Carolina Senate race.

Turns out that the polling average of Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts, a Republican, is about 42 percent. The campaign of Roberts’ opponent, independent Greg Orman, was quick to pounce on the comment this weekend as a sign that Roberts is unlikely to win.

“I feel strongly that it’s going to come out the way we want it.” — Susan McClintic, president of the Columbia (Mo.) National Education Association, on the prospects that Missouri voters will reject Amendment 3 on Tuesday that would tie teacher evaluations to student performance.

This kind of confidence is rare before an election. But it doesn’t hurt that Amendment 3 backers halted their campaign several weeks ago. (link via