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TheChat: Ted Cruz is pursuing an unlikely target for a social conservative — women voters


Good morning.

▪ “This is a room of women that stand up and win elections and are going to save this country.” — Ted Cruz, the GOP presidential contender, to a group of women gathered in Phoenix at the National Federation of Republican Women’s annual conference.

Cruz, a Texas senator, is attempting to prove that a social conservative can win over female voters. He’s trying to fill a gap created by Donald Trump who’s alienated many women with his coarse remarks over the years.

▪ “We’ve seen overall economic recovery, but it’s not trickling down to the most vulnerable in Missouri.” — Monica Palmer, communications manager for Feeding Missouri, on the challenge of finding jobs for many Missourians.

Here are some numbers for you: Of all Missouri jobs, about 30 percent are considered low wage and pay less than 100 percent of the federal poverty line. The city of St. Louis and 13 counties, primarily in southern portions of Missouri, have more than 25 percent of its populations in poverty. (link via

▪ “The alleged phenomenon of non-citizen voting is a complete red herring. Who is going to show up at the polls to vote knowing they may be caught?” — Mark Johnson, who teaches at the University of Kansas law school, on the threat of illegal residents voting on election day.

Johnson squared off against Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach on the need for voter ID laws. Kobach, a Republican, said the threat of illegal residents voting is greater than many think. Many of those residents believe that voting brings them one step closer to gaining citizenship.

▪ “It's not on my list of urgent things to do.” — Ben Carson on whether he’s read any of Donald Trump’s books.

Carson had just said his rival for the GOP nomination apparently hadn’t read any of Carson’s books. Carson then was asked whether he had read any of Trump’s.