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Roseann Ketchmark confirmed as new federal judge for western Missouri

The Western District of Missouri picked up a new federal judge Tuesday.

Roseann Ketchmark was approved on a unanimous 96-0 vote. This was the sixth roll-call vote of a federal judge nominee this year.

Democrats continue to blame Republicans for the slow pace of approving President Barack Obama’s judicial nominees, saying the rate is far slower than President George W. Bush experienced.

“We're treating the third branch almost with contempt, with partisan contempt,” Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Democrat and the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, said Tuesday in Roll Call. Unless things change, he added, “We are heading toward a judicial vacancy crisis.”

This was Ketchmark’s second time through the system. Obama nominated her in 2014, but Congress adjourned before taking action. The president renominated her just weeks later in early 2015.

She got her law degree from KU, then started her career as an assistant Jackson County prosecutor. She then moved to the Platte County prosecutor’s office. In 2001, she became an assistant United States attorney in the Western District of Missouri and served in various positions there.

Most recently, she served in the Fraud and Corruption Unit.

This is the Western District’s second new judge in nine months. The Senate confirmed Stephen Bough in December on a 51-38 vote on the final roll call of the year.