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TheChat: Claire McCaskill takes aim at stupid


Happy Friday.

▪ “I love going after regulations that are stupid.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill in a visit to farmers in Franklin County, Mo.

A Democrat, McCaskill heard that even selling meat across the state line to Illinois is prohibited because of the need for multiple inspections. McCaskill said something can probably be done. (link via

▪  “My caucus is in lockstep against this.” — Missouri House Minority Leader Jake Hummel on how Democrats will oppose any push to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of a controversial right-to-work bill.

With just a couple of weeks left before the September veto session, GOP leaders remain unsure about whether they’ll try to override the veto.

▪ “Observers are right when they insist `there’s something going on out there.’ And in our view, what’s going on is a populist revolt against the utterly predictable, locked-in, hyperpartisan politics of the two major parties.” — University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato astutely analyzing the 2016 presidential race.

Sabato skewers pundits who say the country has never seen a candidate like Donald Trump before. In reality, the country has seen a host of anti-establishment outsiders trying to make an end-run to the White House. Likewise, he suggests that contrary to many views, Hillary Clinton remains a heavy favorite to win the Democratic nomination, despite having run a less-than-impressive campaign so far.

▪ “It’s amazing how good the school is. Look at all the press you’ve attracted.” — Vice President Joe Biden at Miami Dade College this week.

Biden was joking. The press had gathered not because of the quality of the community college, but to watch Biden as he weighs a late-entry 2016 president bid. The betting line tilts in favor of him jumping in.