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Rand Paul goes on a Twitter rant

Merrrry Christmas, Buzz Chatterers:

• “In Washington, `bipartisan deal’ is a synonym for `increasing our debt.’” — Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul on Twitter.

Paul, a likely 2016 GOP presidential candidate, went on a Twitter rant Monday. He took particular aim at the Fed, saying policies there “make you poorer, and hurt the poor and middle class the most. Ridiculous monetary policies increase the costs of goods.”

• “I have been probably the most vocal Republican that has said this is better than what we had and we should try to make this work.” — Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger on Obamacare.

Praeger, 69, has been a lone voice in Kansas supporting the new health care law. After three terms, she’s decided not to seek a fourth next year. She remains a moderate Republican bulwark in a dramatically conservative state.

• “This plan will set in motion a much needed self-assessment by the Pentagon and ensure that there is a plan to fix this management mess going forward.” — Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill on her legislation, adopted by the Senate, that gives the Pentagon a six-month deadline to address systemic mismanagement in its efforts to recover and identify personnel that are prisoners of war or missing in action.

McCaskill long has been convinced that Pentagon’s efforts in this area are grossly inadequate. In fact, she doubts that the goal of identifying 200 POW/MIA per year by 2015 will be met. This new legislation could salvage that.

• “I’m glad he did it. I’m not going to take a cheap shot at him for signing up. It really wasn’t necessary, but if he didn’t do it we would all bark at him.” — Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Republican, on President Barack Obama signing up for health care via a federal exchange.

This is history. Chaffetz may be the first Republican not to take a shot at the president in connection with the health care law.