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BuzzChatter Friday: Roberts’ foe snares endorsement from Jim Ryun

Hot diggity. Here comes a cold and snowy weekend, and here come more killer quotes:

• “We’ve interviewed dozens of candidates this cycle, but few are as passionate and articulate in defense of restoring our Republic as Dr. Milton Wolf.” — former Kansas Congressman Jim Ryun, a Republican and chair of the conservative Madison Project explaining his endorsement of Wolf over veteran incumbent Sen. Pat Roberts in next year’s GOP primary.

Ryun no longer carries much clout, but this is a confidence booster for Wolf who continues to demonstrate that he’s going to be nipping at Roberts’ heels throughout 2014, trying to dislodge one veteran senator’s seemingly steady perch in Washington.

• “I read every Christmas card that people send to me.” — House Speaker John Boehner in a video his office released on Thursday.

Judging by the video, the speaker isn’t getting that many. Why don’t you send one to him today?

• “Republicans kind of look at this election as probably the best opportunity we’ve ever had at taking control” of the Senate. Threatening to default on the debt “hasn’t really worked all that successfully in the past.” — Oklahoma Sen. James M. Inhofe, a Republican, on why the GOP went along with the bipartisan budget agreement.

Told you so. This was pure politics, through and through. The GOP did itself a world of good by buying off on this agreement. They can fight over appropriations in the months to come outside the glare of another shutdown. It’s still a long-shot that they retake the Senate next year, but stranger things....

• “This is an important step toward finally bringing an end to the so-called Border War between two halves of our one regional community. Resolution of this critical issue is at the top of the Chamber’s 2014 legislative agendas for both Missouri and Kansas.” — Roshann Parris, chair of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.

Parris was referring to Missouri state Sen. Ryan Silvey’s introduction of a bill aimed at ending the economic border war between Kansas and Missouri. The measure says that businesses moving from Johnson, Wyandotte, Miami or Douglas counties to Clay, Platte, Jackson, or Cass counties in Missouri would be unable to receive economic development incentives. The bill is contingent on Kansas passing similar legislation, and therein lies the rub. Let’s see if and when Kansas steps forward. The long-standing belief in the Sunflower State is it has more to lose in this game.

• “Kelly has support from prominent African Americans like Bill O’Reilly. I don’t see race, but I assume he’s black because his name sounds black: `O’Reilly, (Shaquille) O’Neal, Obama.’” — funny guy Stephen Colbert talking about Fox’s Megyn Kelly, who’s taken a drubbing in the media for insisting that Santa Claus is white.

Good one, Stephen.