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Overland Park man to voters: “Re-elect No One”

To Bill Ramm, the idea of wiping out the present Congress and electing a new one makes complete sense.

When he was in business years ago and workers didn’t do their jobs, he fired them.

“They can’t run government, so why keep them,” he told The Buzz about members of the House and Senate.

He’s trying to spread the word through a bumper sticker he’s come up with: “

Re-elect No One

,” it reads.

On either side of those words is a donkey and an elephant, the symbols of the two major parties.

Ramm, 80, said the stickers are $5 each with a portion going to charity. Write to him at to get one.

The one-time salesman considered running for Congress a few years ago. Then he did some research and determined that he wouldn’t have a chance.

Now a registered independent, Ramm said the recent government shutdown pushed him to launch his campaign.

“The entire Congress is an absolute and totally complete failure,” he said.

The biggest problem, though, is complacent voters. “They’re unaware of what’s going on,” said Ramm.