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Fox News host Megyn Kelly still trying to dig her way out of Jesus-is-white comments

“Monday Monday, so good to me.” Here we go:

• “Brilliant politics.” — former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on ABC describing the bipartisan budget deal.

Gingrich said the deal, yet to be approved by the Senate, will allow Republicans to keep their focus trained on Obamacare instead of another government shutdown. I’m not sure how brilliant it is because the media is soon going to want another storyline besides how bad the health care program is.

• “When I’m down at the old soldiers’ home and I’m sitting in my rocking chair I’ll say, ‘Boy, 2013 was a banner year.’ ” — Arizona Sen. John McCain, a Republican, on how productive the Senate was this year. He was KIDDING.

According to The New York Times, senators have spent 99 days casting votes this year, close to the recent low point for a non-election year, which was 95 voting days in 1991. The Senate is to take up the bipartisan budget bill this week.

• “Humor is part of what we try to bring to the show. Sometimes that's lost on the humorless.” — Fox News host Megyn Kelly about her “tongue-in-cheek” comments about Santa Claus and Jesus Christ being white.

Just admit it, Kelly. You stepped in it. Apologize and move on. You’re just making this worse.

• “He really believed this is where he belonged.” — Maki Mandela speaking about her father’s wish to be buried in Qunu, the village from Nelson Mandela’s childhood.

Mandela herded cows and goats there as a child and said Qunu’s rolling fields was the place where he found the most peace.
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