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Calls increase for termination of Missouri education commissioner

Eight Missouri legislators have now called on state Education Commissioner

Chris Nicastro

to resign.

If Nicastro doesn’t quit, the lawmakers say, the state Board of Education should terminate her contract.

The statement comes

following a story in Sunday’s Kansas City Star

detailing Nicatro’s efforts to pursue alternatives to education administration in failing districts, and her engagement of a consulting firm to examine those alternatives.

The legislators asking for Nicastro’s firing or resignation:

Rep. Genise Montecillo; Sen. Paul LeVota; Rep. Bonnaye Mims; Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal; Rep. Judy Morgan; Rep. John Mayfield; Rep. Ira Anders; Rep. Joe Runions.

“Given the latest instances of abuse of power by Dr. Chris Nicastro exposed Sunday by The Kansas City Star, it is imperative that she resign immediately as state education commissioner or, if she fails to do so, be removed from her post by the Missouri State Board of Education,” the group’s statement says.