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BuzzChatter Monday: Woodward agrees that Obamacare rollout reveals rank incompetence

Top o’ the week to you:

• “There’s no question about that.” — Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward on whether the rollout of Obamacare reveals “rank incompetence” within the president’s administration.

Woodward also said he doesn’t think the bungling is equivalent to a scandal, such as President Clinton’s dalliance with Monica Lewinsky.

• “We're going to have a big celebration. The place looks glorious.” — Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback to reporters in reference to the new-look Kansas Statehouse and a planned re-dedication ceremony in January.

The seemingly endless 13-year project is nearing its end, and a statewide celebration does seem in order following the spending of about $330 million. Brownback said a week’s worth of events could lead up to the Jan. 29 dedication of the building, which has been overhauled from the dome to the basement.

• “It’s hard to ignore polls that show Gov. Sam Brownback’s approval rating well shy of 50 percent, and Democrats feel good about their recruit, state Rep. Paul Davis. This one’s worth keeping an eye on, at the very least.” — The Washington Post listing next year’s Kansas governor’s race as among the 15 top governor’s races of the year.

No question that the team of likely Democratic nominee Paul Davis has nudged the conventional wisdom in this race from ain’t-gotta-chance to stranger-things-have-happened. Brownback remains a strong favorite, but we’re going to have a conversation in Kansas.

• “I am proud to once again join the thousands of Missouri hunters who are donating venison to help feed hungry families in Missouri.” — Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon who on Saturday shot an 11-point buck while deer hunting in Clark County on the opening day of firearms deer season.

Nixon donated the venison to Missouri’s Share the Harvest program, a public-private partnership that provides meat to families in need. The governor’s exploit raised an important question: Is he a better shot with a gun than on the basketball court? Nixon loves b-ball, but was known as more of a bruiser type with sharp elbows than for his ability to drop the ball through the net.