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Eight-day health tax campaign finances rolling in

UPDATE, 4:12:

Citizens for Responsible Research


Brad Bradshaw’s

anti-sales-tax group, raised $224,821 through Oct. 24, most of it from him.

He had just $640 in the bank at the end of the period.


UPDATE, 4:05: The

Committee for Research Treatment and Cures

raised $1,670,855 through Oct. 24. The committee is the main support group for the half-cent tax.

All but $179,425 had been spent by the end of the period.



Committee to Stop a Bad Cure

— the anti-health tax group headed by former Star reporter

Jim Fitzpatrick

— has raised $8,591 for its campaign through Oct. 24, according to its eight-day-before-election report.

A little less than half — $3,750 — came from Fr.

John Wandless

. A web search shows he works for the

Urban Ranger Corps


Fitz spent some of his campaign funds on an ad or ads with the Kansas City Star, showing his usual good judgment.

More as we get them.