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Two new polls offer less-than-stellar numbers for Brownback

Kansas Democrats are pointing to two new surveys Thursday morning as proof that the re-election campaign of Gov. Sam Brownback may not be the sure-thing that so many Republicans say it is.

Poll #1 is another in a long string

from SurveyUSA that presents not-so-cheery numbers for the incumbent.

In a poll conducted Wednesday, SurveyUSA concluded that 34 percent of Kansans approved of the governor’s job performance compared to 59 percent who disapproved.

Republicans surely will complain about the sample which came in at 41 percent Republican, 30 percent Democratic and 27 percent independent. The Democratic number is slightly outsized.

Poll #2

came from the Fort Hays State University’s Docking Institute of Public Affairs and its

2013 Kansas Speaks survey.

In this one, 35 percent of Kansans said they were very or moderately satisfied with Brownback’s performance in office while 42 percent said they were moderately or very dissatisfied with Brownback. Some 24 percent described themselves as neutral.

The release of the surveys comes the same week that likely Democratic gubernatorial nominee Paul Davis

announced that Jill Docking would be his running mate