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National Review takes a look at Sam Brownback

National Review, a conservative magazine and website, has written an extensive story about Kansas Gov.

Sam Brownback



magazine reviews Brownback’s support for major income tax cuts

in the state, but the article skips an in-depth look at the early results of those tax reductions, which are decidedly mixed.

Key paragraph:

“Brownback is hardly the country’s most visible Republican governor: He hasn’t battled with Big Labor, like Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, and he doesn’t appear to be thinking about a presidential run, like Chris Christie of New Jersey, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, or Rick Perry of Texas. Yet he has quietly become one of the GOP’s leading conservative reformers, pushing for smaller government and lower taxes in the heartland — and he believes that Kansas has an important role to play in America’s coming political contests. ‘You change America by changing the states,’ he says. ‘We have a red-state model and a blue-state model. It’s going to break one way or the other. One will win and migrate to Washington.’”