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What they said after they voted

Quotes after the shutdown vote:


Kevin Yoder

, R-Ks., No: “The bill voted on last night does absolutely nothing to solve any of our fiscal problems – it only bought us more time and did so by borrowing more.”


Roy Blunt

, R-Mo., Yes: “The federal government spends too much and borrows too much. Those must be the two main targets after today’s vote and until we get our spending under control.”


Jerry Moran

, R-Ks., Yes: “This good-faith deal calms fear of default for now, but we must take advantage of the next 90 days to finally work together and get our spending under control.”


Claire McCaskill

, D-Mo., Yes: “Let’s learn from this and do better. I sincerely hope this bipartisan agreement can be a blueprint for future cooperation and compromise.”


Pat Roberts

, R-Ks., No: “Debt limits were put into place to encourage debate and negotiation over out-of-control government spending. This deal breaks with that spirit.”


Tim Huelskamp

, R-Ks., No: “This deal locks in special privileges for the politically connected, continues massive deficits, and adds hundreds of billions to the national debt. This isn’t a compromise, this is business-as-usual.”


Mike Pompeo

, R-Ks., No: “Today’s legislation may well have averted the ‘crisis of the moment,’ but it did nothing to avert the much greater crisis that is inevitable with our current rate of spending that we must fix immediately.”


Lynn Jenkins

, R-Ks., Yes: “I voted today to get our government back open, to prevent any default on our obligations, and get people back to work while our negotiators have a serious conversation about our debt crisis.”