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TheChat: Sen. Jerry Moran is a solid `no’ on the Iran nuclear pact

Moran CQ Roll Call

Let’s do it again.

▪ “Worry is widespread that this nuclear deal concedes too much and secures too little.” — Kansas Sen. Jerry Moran explaining why he opposes the Iran nuclear deal.

One issue for Moran: Whether inspectors will be to determine if Iran tries to secretly build a bomb.

▪ “Our nation’s veterans deserve more choices in the health care and mental health treatment they receive.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt on what veterans need when it comes to behavioral health care in the state.

Last week, the Republican visited seven facilities across Missouri as he continues a focus on mental health treatment.

▪ “I’ve seen this growing obesity problem for a long time. We had to start by helping our own folks get back in shape.” — Maj. Gen. Stephen Danner, Missouri’s adjutant general, on how obesity is undermining the Guard’s ability to recruit in the state.

Between obesity, a lack of education or a criminal record, fully 72 percent of young Missourians are ineligible to join the Guard. The Guard has worked to prioritize fitness, although issues remain. (link via

▪ “The calculation for extraordinary needs was like an insurance premium. That’s not how that operates. That’s not how insurance operates.” — Kansas state Sen. Ty Masterson, an Andover Republican, defending the source of emergency aid to school districts, which turned out to be cuts to K-12 budgets from schools around the state.

Some superintendents objected to the idea that they were required to pay into an emergency fund out of their own budgets. Some schools got that money back if lawmakers and Gov. Sam Brownback determined that they met the standard for emergency aid. But many others did not.