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Will there be a vote on 253?

Will the Missouri House really take up the tax cut bill during the veto override session next week?

Despite a six-week campaign featuring TV commericals, radio ads, a governor’s visit, and op-eds flying like the monkeys in the Wizard of Oz, it now appears possible the GOP-led House won’t even vote on an override.

Some Republicans are quietly whispering about that potential outcome.

If the GOP is six or seven votes short of an override margin, the feeling goes, it might be better to keep the bill off the floor — that saves some Republicans from a tough vote.

That’s particularly true for Republicans who oppose the override. A conservative primary challenge is almost certain for the moderate renegades


the vote is skipped.

GOP leaders are said to be nervous about a series of difficult primaries that could weaken the party’s hold on the House.

The veto session takes place a week from today. For the record, House Speaker

Tim Jones