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The Iraq war: How area lawmakers voted

Who said this?

“Despite agreeing to fully disarm by ridding itself of weapons of mass destruction, — — has worked to actually enhance its weapons program, increasing its stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons and working to build nuclear weapons. “— — has used weapons of mass destruction against his neighbors and his own people. He has attempted assassinations of foreign leaders, including an American president. “Alone, these facts are very troubling. Together, they present a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States.”

As you might have guessed, this speech wasn’t about Syria or its leader,

Bashar al-Assad.

Instead, this was a speech about

Saddam Hussein



in 2002. It comes from Rep.

Sam Graves

, R-Mo.

He voted for the Iraq war resolution. So did Reps.

Dennis Moore


Ike Skelton


Todd Akin

, and

Jim Ryun



Karen McCarthy

was a no vote in the House.

On the Senate side, Sens.

Kit Bond, Jean Carnahan, Pat Roberts

, and

Sam Brownback

all voted for war with Iraq.