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Blunt: Sandy disaster aid different from Missouri’s

On Wednesday we buzzed about a Missouri flood disaster request from Sens.

Roy Blunt


Claire McCaskill

. Blunt — and several other local senators and representatives — opposed an aid package for

Hurricane Sandy

victims last winter.

Here’s the statement from Blunt spokeswoman

Amber Marchand


“As Senator Blunt repeatedly stated at the time of his vote, he did not support the $50.5 billion Sandy supplemental because it did not provide targeted disaster funding and it rewrote the Stafford Act in a way that moved the nation further away from a viable, long-term solution for funding future disasters.

“Senator Blunt has long said that when a disaster exceeds the ability of communities and states — as we’ve witnessed with recent flooding in Missouri —the federal government has a responsibility to step in with targeted assistance. However, Senator Blunt believes this aid should not be viewed as a chance for Congress to tack on stimulus-type spending or to change the way the federal government responds to future disasters — as we saw with the Sandy supplemental.”