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Yoder: No to Syrian intervention UPDATED: Jenkins opposes intervention, too


Kevin Yoder

says the United States should not use its military to punish the Syrian government for the alleged use of chemical weapons.

Yoder, the 3rd district Kansas Republican, met with The Star’s editorial board Wednesday.

“I don’t think the president’s made the case for military intervention,” he said.

“There are atrocities going on that are heartbreaking. But when I talk or listen to my constituents, there is a palpable fatigue with having men and women overseas in harm’s way, in body bags coming back.”

He also said the tangled political picture in Syria complicates any intervention.

“I don’t think we know who our friends and allies are, and who our enemies are in Syria,” he said.


Lynn Jenkins

, KS-02, also opposes military action in Syria.

Part of the Republican’s statement:

“While the recent chemical attack on Syrian citizens is an atrocious crime, it is still unclear who is on the other side of this conflict. As such, I am opposed to the United States entering into military action in Syria.

“The United States of America cannot continue to act as the world’s police force in areas of the world where our help is not wanted.”