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Nixon fires back at Perry: “You don’t mess with folks here in the Show-Me State”

Gov. Jay Nixon on Tuesday fired a salvo across the good ship Rick Perry with a radio spot airing in St. Louis that all but suggests that the Texas governor is wasting his time pursuing Missouri businesses.

Perry is making a trip to Missouri to try to try to encourage businesses here to trasnfer operations to Texas.

Nixon is having none of it.

His campaign is airing the ad on a St. Louis radio station that says Missouri — not Texas — is the better state for businesses.

Here’s the spot:

This is Governor Jay Nixon.

You may have heard that Governor Rick Perry of Texas is trying to get attention for himself by taking shots at Missouri. He's running radio ads here to try to get businesses to go to Texas.

I'd like to thank KTRS for refusing to air these misleading ads . and

standing up for Missouri.

Make no mistake, our businesses aren't going to Texas, and here's why:

One, Missouri has lower property taxes than Texas. And lower sales taxes.

Two, our students score higher on standardized tests. Graduation rates are higher.

Three, Missouri's unemployment rate ... below the national average for 4 years.

And unlike Texas, Missouri has a perfect Triple-A credit rating.

I'd like to thank the Kansas City Civic Council and the Springfield,

Columbia, and Callaway Chambers of Commerce for standing with us. By working together we're moving Missouri in the right direction.

And as for the Governor of Texas, he'll learn, you don't mess with folks here in the Show-Me State.