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TheChat: Ferguson’s mayor stands up to Donald Trump

You made it to Friday. Pat yourself on the back.

▪ “I’ve never seen any roving bands of illegal immigrants or gangs in Ferguson.” — Ferguson Mayor James Knowles challenging Donald Trump’s assertion that the north St. Louis County suburb and the city of St. Louis have gangs with illegal immigrants.

Knowles pointed out that as far as he knew, Trump had never been in his city and was just trying to grab headlines. (Imagine that).

▪ “Missouri's actually been forward-leaning on mental health issues for a long time.” — Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican.

Blunt said he’s hopeful that his state will be named next year as one of eight pilot states for a program that will establish a model where behavioral health is treated like all other health. He called the program “a major nationwide pilot” that’s “the biggest influx of federal involvement in behavioral health in 50 years.” (link via

▪ “Demeaning and Neanderthal to be perfectly honest.” — Missouri Republican Congresswoman Ann Wagner describing her reaction to Trump’s comments about women in recent months.

Wagner of suburban St. Louis added that she didn’t appreciate Trump’s remarks about Arizona Sen. John McCain’s combat record as a prisoner of war.

▪ “There’s some loopholes in there you could drive some trucks through if you’re so inclined.” — veteran Kansas lobbyist Whitney Damron on Kansas disclosure laws.

The nonpartisan Sunlight Foundation recently gave Kansas a “C” grade for its lobbying disclosure requirements.