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When Mike Allen speaks...

The man described by some as the most influential journalist in D.C., Politico’s Mike Allen, was in town Wednesday night speaking to a KC Public Library audience.

Time Magazine’s David von Drehle interviewed Allen before a crowd of about 350 and, at one point, asked for a few predictions.

Here’s the rundown:

On the prospects that Democrats will take over the House after the 2014 elections:

“Zero-ish,” Allen said. Democrats may have to wait until the next redistricting following the 2020 elections.

On the odds that Republicans take over the Senate following the 2014 elections.

(Republicans need a net pickup of six seats).

Not likely.

On Liz Chaney’s odds of winning the next Wyoming Senate race.

(The daughter of the former vice president declared her candidacy this week. Incumbent Republican Mike Enzi is seeking re-election and now faces a primary challenge).

Tough for her to win, Allen said.

Is Hillary Clinton going to run for the White House?

There’s no signs she’s


going to run, he said.

On Jeb Bush’s prospects if he opts to run for the presidency.

He’d be the “instant front-runner” if he takes a shot.

What about New Jersey’s Chris Christie?

If he runs for president, he’ll have his day, Allen said. At some point, he’d be the front-runner.