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Dems tout New York Obamacare results as House nears mandate vote UPDATED

The New York Times says

individuals seeking health insurance in New York

are likely to see dramatic reductions in their premiums.

In some cases health insurance costs could be cut in half, the newspaper says, because of the new exchanges which offer competitive premiums.


the drop may also be the result of the individual mandate

, which is expected to bring more people into New York’s insurance pool. The state has required companies to cover everyone, but has not required people to buy insurance, driving up the cost.

UPDATE #2: And see


from National Review.

In a news conference Wednesday with Missouri reporters, Sen.

Roy Blunt

said he didn’t know enough about the New York story to comment.

UPDATE: Blunt sends this quote:

“As the story points out, a lot of people will be worse off and will have trouble getting a doctor thanks to this law. The estimated price reduction is the result of the fact that New York already has one of the most expensive individual-insurance markets in America.

“So while Obamacare may bring down some rates for some New Yorkers, the rest of the country is at risk of losing their current plan or paying for more expensive health care coverage thanks to this flawed law.”

The news comes as the

House prepares to vote on a delay

for the nation’s individual mandate under the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.