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GOP dances on grave of employer mandate


took little time Tuesday for Republicans to trumpet the one-year delay

in Obamacare’s employer mandate.

To recap: The law generally requires businesses with 50 or more employees to provide health insurance to those workers or pay a penalty. It was supposed to kick in next year.

Tuesday, the administration said it wouldn’t collect that penalty until 2015, giving businesses more time to figure it out.


Kevin Yoder,

R-Ks.: “The news that the Administration is delaying enforcing its health coverage rules on businesses is welcomed news...

“As we continue to learn more about what’s in the bill, Americans are even more concerned, and it’s further evidence the entire law needs to be repealed and replaced with responsible and bipartisan reforms.”


Lynn Jenkins

, R-Ks.: “Less than three months ago, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary

Kathleen Sebelius

told the Congressional committee I sit on, the House Ways and Means Committee, that no backup plan would be needed and the healthcare law’s exchanges for individuals and employers would be ready on time.

“As the Obama administration has come to realize the law’s devastating effects on American businesses and employees, today it announced a backup plan —something it said did not exist — by delaying the employer mandate until 2015.”

(Note: The administration did not announce a “backup plan” for the exchanges. It did delay penalties under the employer mandate.)