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Pat Roberts “failures” led to Iraq war, potential candidate claims

Kansas Sen.

Pat Roberts

may face opposition next year after all.

Aaron Estabrook

has formed an exploratory committee for the seat, according to a press release.

Estabrook is president of the

Moderate Party of Kansas

, and the release says he wants to run under that banner.

An independent candidacy would face enormous hurdles, including problems in getting ballot access. The party needs to gather about 17,000 petition signatures for official recognition as an alternative to established parties in the state.

Otherwise, Estabrook is an interesting potential candidate. He’s an Afghanistan war veteran now living in Manhattan, Kan.

“Pat Roberts has never been held accountable for the role he played as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee where he oversaw the lies that led to war in Iraq,” Estabrook’s statement says.

“Those failures have created too many heartbroken mothers and robbed a whole generation of so many of the best and brightest. Pat Roberts plundered the Nation’s treasure and sent young Kansans in to destroy then rebuild a nation on false premises. It is time to do some nation building here in Kansas and it starts with a change of leadership.”